Income share agreements, simplified.

Pactero makes it easy for growing startups to manage income share agremeents.

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Save time, scale impact.

Income share agreements are great. Scaling them isn't.

Internal tooling for income share agreements becomes fragile, manual processes drain resources, and student data is scattered across platforms.

We built Pactero to simplify your ISA stack so you can get back to growing your business' impact.


For modern educators, by modern educators.

We built Pactero because we've been in your shoes.

We've launched and grown education companies around the world backed by the industry's leading investors.


Flexible, end-to-end infrastructure.

  • Contract generation and management

    Generate, track, and store student contracts in one place.

  • Customer communications

    Automate contract, payment, and collection-related communications with your customers. Customize the look and feel to fit your brand.

  • Integrations

    Connect Pactero with dozens of integrations via webhooks or Zapier to supercharge your operations.

  • Invoicing

    You decide when and how customers should pay. Pactero generates invoices and charges customers via your Stripe account. Want to save money on processing fees? Use an external payment method.

  • Outcome tracking

    Monitor and track your customer's outcomes in one place using student-reported data or 3rd party APIs.

  • Revenue optimization

    With insights gained using income share agreements in dozens of countries around the world, Pactero helps you minimize non-payment and maximize revenueno matter where your students live.

  • No contract lock-in

    We never force you into an exclusive financing contract, so you're always in control of how to grow and support your business.

  • Metric reporting

    From non-payment and dropout rate to forecasted payments, Pactero delivers a dashboard to deliver you the actionable you need to run your business.

Ready to scale income share agreements without the headaches?